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The Other Side of Me Comes Second

"I never gonna make it big as a solo artist because that takes one hundred per cent total self dedication which I won´t do.

I´m not dedicated to myself so much. My aim in life is to be the singer of the Who and to keep Who together and to make the Who produce. I am one quarter of the Who. The other side of me comes second"

Roger Daltrey
- One Of The Boys - 1977 (+ 4 bonus)

com art-cover completo (CD & LP)

01 - Parade
02 - Single Man´s Dilemma

03 - Avenging Annie

04 - The Prisioner

05 - Leon

06 - One Of The Boys

07 - Giddy

08 - Written On The Wind

09 - Sattin & Lace

10 - Doing It All Again

11 - Say It Ain´t So Joe

12 - You Put Something Better Inside Me

13 - Martyrs & Madmen

14 - Treachery

John Entwistle, Brian Odgers - Bass
Stuart Tosh - Drums

Jimmy McCulloch, Paul Keogh - Guitar

Rod Argent - Keyboards

Phil Kenzie, Jimmy Jewell - Sax

Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton, Andy Faireather-Low, Mick Ronson & Hank Marvin

No vídeo promocional, além de Daltrey, Entwistle e Jimmy McCulloch (Wings), curiosamente Keith Moon, que não participou das gravações, aparece pra dar uma força.

LINK @192 - mp3

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Anônimo disse...

Nice one, and great quote. Thanks. W.

Anônimo disse...

Moon aparece pra dar uma força... usando apenas cueca e tamanco! hahaha