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Rosko Gee & the Hooded Ones - My Name Is Fear

Rosko Gee & the Hooded Ones - My Name Is Fear - 2016

The former bassist of the legendary bands Traffic, Can, or the Johnny Nash band, who worked with stars such as Marianne Faithfull, Al Di Meola, Steve Winwood, Phil Collins, Jaki Liebezeit or even Ozzy Osbourne, now finally dares to step forward, out out of the shadows, into the spotlight.
ROSKO GEE & THE HOODED ONES are highly experienced musicians who create together a mixture of jazz, pop and soul music, garnished with influences from modern classical, world music, culminating with elements of the avantgarde.

Whenever you think you may have finally discovered the category in which the band fits, you’re surprised anew. There is no real definition, not a genre a draw or a compartment to categorize - most likely an elective affinity in expressionism is recognizable. To say it with Adorno: the music finds its ideal in the immediacy of their expression, in their recording of the soul - "music is therapy!".
Rosko Gee, the musician with Jamaican roots, we know from his time as bassist of the german Harald Schmidt Latenight-Showband writes lyrics that are sustainable. Candid and poetic the charismatic singer, graceful, sensitive and effective intoned poetic lines, equipped at the same time with a highly valued recognizable voice.

The album "MY NAME IS FEAR", which was released in April 2016 by the Independent Label perfectzeromusic proves impressively the Latitude of the band and the perfection of the interaction between the musicians. Whether jazzy numbers like "Smile Back On Your Face" or "My Little Girls", the powerful, almost rocking "Love You Crave", or the sensitive measured psycho-trip "Xochitepec" - "MY NAME IS FEAR" convinces with each and every note
When asked what music meant to him, Rosko replied: "Music is a therapy. Music is always there when people are in need. That's what it's there for. That's why it's always been there."
It is time for this new form of therapy session! See ROSKO GEE & THE HOODED ONES live and experience the incredible power and the delightful passion of this extraordinary band.

01. It's Alright
02. Love Child
03. When You Are Near
04. Smile Back on Your Face
05. The Hawk and the Hare
06. My Little Girls
07. Quest for Rest
08. Love You Crave
09. My Name Is Fear
10. Volcano
11. Xochitepec

Rosko Gee - Vocals, Bass
Thomas Klees - Guitar
Uli Krämer - Drums
Jorge Meneses - Percussion
Josef Ferger - Keyboards


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