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Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - On The Town Tonight

Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - On The Town Tonight - 2011

On The Town Tonight is a live, double CD from Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes. Recorded live at The Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne, it features, as usual, Albert's trademark, Double-Grammy-award guitar picking. Albert is joined on lead vocals by Peter Baron and Gavin Povey, the new boy on keyboards. This two- CD package features a good deal of previously unrecorded and original material, along with new versions of some vintage Albert Lee songs and instrumentals. Albert started his life in music over 50 years ago, as a budding pianist and his piano playing skills come to the fore on Highwayman, Breathless, Let It Be Me, 'Til I Gain Control Again and Skip Rope Song. Gavin Povey is the featured vocalist on The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise and the self- penned Glory Bound and Peter Baron takes the lead vocal on I'll Never Get Over You, along with the Gary Brooker-Peter Sinfield song Leave The Candle and Lennon-McCartney's Oh Darling. Although no single track of these 25 should be overlooked, be sure not to miss Albert's scintillating guitar solos on both Billy Joel's Travellin' Prayer and Ray Charles' Leave My Woman Alone. 

Disc: 1
01. Your Boys
02. Restless
03. Song and Dance
04. Travellin' Prayer
05. Runaway Train
06. Glory Bound
07. Wheels
08. I'll Never Get Over You
09. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
10. Rad Gumbo
11. Highwayman
12. Breathless

Disc: 2
13. Barnyard Boogie
14. Two Step Too
15. I'm Coming Home
16. You're Only Lonely
17. Leave The Candle
18. On The Verge
19. Let It Be Me
20. Oh Darling
21. Leave My Woman Alone
22. 'Til I Gain Control Again
23. Country Boy
24. Skip Rope Song
25. Tear It Up


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