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Corky Laing & the Memory Thieves - House of Thieves

Corky Laing & the Memory Thieves - House of Thieves - 2012

Legendary drummer Corky Laing and his band of Memory Thieves take you on a mind-blowing musical journey through time, performing hits Laing wrote, recorded and performed with MOUNTAIN and West, Bruce & Laing - rock anthems like "Mississippi Queen," "Nantucket Sleighride," and "The Doctor." The Memory Thieves also beat the drum of pulsing modern rock with edgy, newly-minted originals to deliver an unforgettable show where past meets present and nothing gets old.

Corky Laing - Drums, Vocal
Josh Horton - Lead Vocal
Denny Colt - Guitar, Keys, Vocal
Bonnie Parker- Bass, Vocal

01. Promised Land
02. House of Thieves
03. Rockafella's Lament
04. Eve of Destruction
05. Roadkill


quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Delaney Bramlett - Something's Coming (RE-RE-POST)

Delaney Bramlett - Something's Coming - 1972


Some Things Coming features Bramlett on lead vocals and guitars with a full-on horn section, Venetta Fields and Clydie King on backing vocals throughout, string arrangements by George Bohannon, percussionist Milt Holland, Ronnie Grayson on drums, bassist Robert Wilson, and B-3 boss Tim Hedding -- the backing chorus added on several cuts includes future disco diva Gloria Jones and Shirley Matthews. The material is wide-ranging but always greasy. 

The opener is the driving funky Southern soul and gospel of "Over and Over"; it's revved to rockist hedonism with a splintering, overdriven guitar and popping bassline dueling to the death with double-time drums and an ambitious horn chart. There's the in-the-pocket ballad "Thank God," which manages to evoke both Ray Charles and '60s Nashville without blowing it. The gospel blues of "Please Accept My Love" is done in the utterly believable, wanton, pleading singing voice that Leon Russell and Bramlett shared -- but Bramlett's range is wider. It gets downright hard and funky on "Keep It Going," a tune that Bramlett co-wrote with Elvin Bishop. This is snaky voodoo funk at its best.

One can hear the Meters and a gospel choir meeting on the street corner where Saturday night reluctantly gives way to Sunday morning and the spirits are everywhere duking it out. Add the title track and the album is worth its weight in gold. Bramlett -- via percussionist Holland with a kalimba, congas, and a boatload of hand percussion, and a gospel choir singing in Zulu -- simply takes the innovation of Hugh Masakela into the rock and Southern soul idiom. He answers them, line for line, in English. It all flows together until it erupts in razor-sharp lead guitar lines; funked-out bass and drums are underscored by the B-3 in the middle eight before it gives way again to the chant. It's stunning -- especially considering it's followed here with the traditional "Down by the Riverside," done with so much class you'd swear you were in church, except for maybe that guitar solo. Speaking of which, "Sit Right Down" offers one of the nastiest-sounding National Steel bottleneck guitars ever put in front of a mike in a studio.

01. Over and Over
02. Thank God
03. Please Accept My Love
04. Keep It Going
05. Some Things Coming (Heartbeat)
06. Down by the Riverside
07. Sit Right Down
08. I'm Not Your Lover, I'm Your Love
09. Try a Little Harder

Delaney Bramlett - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Gordon, Joe Davis, Jerry Jumonville - Saxophone
Ron Grayson - Drums
Tim Heding - Organ
Robert Wilson - Bass
Gloria Jones, Shirley Matthews,  Clydie King, Venetta Fields - Backing Vocals
Milt Holland - Percussion
Darrell Leonard - Brass
Larry Savoie - Trombone


sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012

Black Girls - Hell Dragon

Black Girls - Hell Dragon - 2012

Richmond, Virginia's BLACK GIRLS have become a staple in their hometown almost overnight. In a city where there are probably more bands than actual citizens, they have quickly developed a large and dedicated fan base in their short one year history. As editor of RVA Magazine, Andrew Necci puts it, "they have somehow accomplished the impossible in Richmond--they play out more than any band I can think of, yet still bring out legions of fans and musical peers."

The shorthand for their sound is "snuff rock" -- which the band refers to as psychedelic southern soul. On tape, it sounds like Freddie Mercury was raised by swamp people. Onstage, it sounds like Dick Dale playing at the Apollo.

Beginning with the release of a self-titled anthology of collected demos, Black Girls have turned heads up and down the East Coast. As that album went into it's second pressing, they released a vinyl single of “Broadway” as a split with local heavy hitters NO BS! BRASS BAND – the pet project of Bon Iver's horn man, Reggie Pace. Black Girls have shared stages with bands such as Fucked Up, Wavves, Girl Talk, Best Coast, Soft Landing, Wild Nothing, and Fang Island.

This winter, the release of BLACK GIRLS’ first proper full length "Hell Dragon" will teleport you to some place between 2112 and 1999.


Drew - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike - Lead Guitar, Piano
Fletcher - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jeff - Bass
Stephen - Drums, Vocals

01. Broadway
02. St. Simons
03. South Carolina
04. Club Bangin'
05. Country Song
06. Low
07. So Sorry
08. Miami
09. Get Off


sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012

Marty Balin - Count On Me

 Marty Balin - Count On Me -  2008

Embora esse álbum seja encontrado em lojas como Amazon e Itunes, não vi nenhuma referência à ele no site oficial do artista. Sinceramente não sei realmente do que se trata e eu o adquiri a algum tempo movido por pura curiosidade pelas versões unplugged, o que para mim já vale pelo download.

Agora Duga não têm mais desculpas.....................................................;)

01. Count On Me
02. Count On Me (Unplugged)
03. Hearts
04. Miracles
05. Miracles (Unplugged)
06. Runaway    
07. With Your Love
08. With Your Love (Unplugged)


sábado, 13 de outubro de 2012

Marty Balin - The Witcher

Marty Balin - The Witcher - 2011

from AMG Music

While remaining best known for his contributions to the pioneering San Francisco psychedelic band Jefferson Airplane, Marty Balin also enjoyed a successful solo career, scoring a Top Ten hit in 1981 with "Hearts." Born Martyn Jerel Buchwald in Cincinnati, OH, on January 30, 1942, he was raised in the Bay Area and later attended San Francisco State University; though he initially pursued a career as a painter, after appearing in a production of West Side Story Balin turned to music, issuing the solo singles "Nobody But You" and "I Specialize in Love" on Challenge in 1962. Two years later he joined the folk combo the Town Criers, followed by a brief stint with the Gateway Singers; in 1965, Balin met singer/guitarist Paul Kantner at the local club the Drinking Gourd, and together they formed Jefferson Airplane. Initially a folk-rock venture, the group came to epitomize the nascent psychedelic scene, scoring a gold record with their 1967 sophomore LP Surrealistic Pillow; although vocalist Grace Slick was the focal point of hits such as "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit," Balin's soulful tenor proved a pivotal element of their sound as well, and he also wrote key compositions including "Today," "Share a Little Joke," and "Volunteers." 


01. The Witcher
02. Turn Me Up
03. L.A. Girls
04. Love Don't Lie
05. Gonga of Love
06. Just A Dream
07. I Want You
08. Dream Motorcycle
09. Boulevard
10. Sleepwalkin'

Marty Balin - Vocals
Slick Aguilar, Guy Walker - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Trupio,Rob Alexander - Bass
Tony Manna - Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Silvia - Drums, Vocals
Brian Snapp - Saxophone, Vocals
Joe Lala - Percussion
Liz Adams, Gale Trippsmith - Back Vocals


sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

John Parker Compton - Live At The Turk's Head Coffeehouse

John Parker Compton - Live At The Turk's Head Coffeehouse - 2006

Originalmente gravado ao vivo em 1968, esse álbum está agora disponivel (somente em mp3) nas melhores casas do ramo (ou nas piores, como nesse caso)

01. Pascal's Paradox
02. Glossolalia
03. Now That I Want You
04. Feathers
05. Green Brown Sound
06. Subway
07. Rosalie
08. We Can't Forget
09. Green Brown Sound No.2
10. Lifetimes in Nesinex
11. Rivers Run to the Sea
12. Lacsedo-Lacsede
13. Loving Her Makes Today
14. Downtown Row
15. Rosalie #2

John Parker Compton - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Robin Batteau - Violin