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Brian Cadd - The Magic of Brian Cadd

Brian Cadd - The Magic of Brian Cadd - 1975

born 29 November 1949, Perth, Australia. As an organist, Cadd came to prominence in bands such as the Groop (1966-69) and Axiom (1969-71), the latter being touted as Australia’s first supergroup. In 1972, after returning from another unsuccessful attempt at the English market, he became a solo artist, following a brief spell as a duo with Don Mudie which resulted in the Australian hit single ‘Show Me The Way’. Cadd gradually built up his following with several piano-based singles and strong albums. Eventually he was secure enough to form his own label, Bootleg, on which he produced and nurtured several other acts. Cadd formed a house band, the Bootleg Band, which he used for recording, performing and touring. Meanwhile, Cadd’s solo albums continued to chart (his first two albums were Australia’s biggest-selling records in 1973), but his strength was his songwriting, which provided hits for various Australian acts. In the 80s he relocated to Los Angeles where he was successful in securing high-profile artists such as the Pointer Sisters and Gene Pitney to record his songs. In 1990 Cadd toured with Max Merrit And The Meteors and in 1991 he joined the line-up of the Flying Burrito Brothers. He sang on the albums Eye Of The Hurricane (1993) and Sons Of The Golden West (1999) and toured extensively with the group. In 1993 he recorded an album with old Axiom bandmate Glenn Shorrock. Cadd, who teaches and lectures in Australia, is also the co-owner of the Streetwise Music Group. In 2005, he released his first studio album in over 20 years.

01. Show Me The Way
02. Silver City Celebration Day
03. Class of '74
04. Sometime Man
05. Spring Hill Country Breakdown
06. Every Mothers Son
07. Handyman
08. Josie Mc Ginty
09. Keep On Rockin'
10. Ginger Man
11. Kingston River Travellin' Man
12. All in the Way
13. Alvin Purple
14. Let Go
15. Think It Over


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The Pretty Things - Live at BBC - 2021

The Pretty Things - Live at BBC - 2021 (6 cds)

In the golden age of the British R&B revival, few groups created as much excitement and controversy as the Pretty Things. They came up alongside the Rolling Stones in the early 1960s, but were deemed by critics and fans as wilder and bluesier than even Mick Jagger & co. When long-haired Phil May sang and shook his maracas with manic intensity, audiences and record buyers knew they were in for a wild ride. But the Pretty Things took their music seriously and developed into one of the more innovative rock bands of the 70s, much admired by groups and artists from Led Zeppelin to David Bowie. As well as recording hit singles and albums, the Pretties were also heard live in action on BBC radio shows that captured their dynamic performances with remarkable clarity and presence. We are fortunate that this audio heritage has been carefully preserved and has now been digitally restored for future generations to enjoy. Repertoire is proud to present this comprehensive 6 CD collection that provides over seven hours of non-stop R&B, original songs and new concepts. Such seminal BBC shows as Saturday Club presented by DJ Brian Matthew and Top Gear by John Peel, who also hosted his own regular Sunday Concert, welcomed the band to their studios where they’d romp into everything from Pretty Thing favourites like ‘Big Boss Man’, ‘Road Runner’ and ‘Buzz The Jerk’ to the experimental ‘Defecting Grey’. Check out 1968’s ‘SF Sorrow Is Born’, an hypnotic and mysterious ri! that might well have in"uenced today’s groups like Kula Shaker. There is more broadcast material from the 1970s and even into the 2000s with BBC shows hosted by Mark Lamarr and Marc Riley that bring the band’s history up to date with vibrant versions of ‘Belfast Cowboys’, ‘Singapore Silk Torpedo’ and even a revival of their #rst hit single ‘Rosalyn’. This superb boxed set has informative liner notes by Richard Morton Jack, progressive rock historian and editor of Flashback magazine, and includes an interview with Phil May discussing the recordings. Repertoire’s Chris Welch also interviews founder member guitarist Dick Taylor, who reminisces about the early days of the Pretty Things and pays tribute to his old friend Phil May who sadly passed away in 2020.

CD 1
1. Big Boss Man [Saturday Club, 10/64]
2. Interview: Brian Matthew [Saturday Club, 10/64]
3. Don’t Bring Me Down [Saturday Club, 10/64]
4. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [Saturday Club, 10/64]
5. Road Runner [Saturday Club, 10/64]
6. Big City [Saturday Club, 10/64]
7. Don’t Bring Me Down [Beat Room, 24/12/64]
8. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [Beat Room, 24/12/64]
9. Johnny B. Goode [Beat Room, 24/12/64]
10. We’ll Be Together [Saturday Club, 9/2/65]
11. Interview: Brian Matthew [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
12. Sitting All Alone [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
13. Big City [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
14. Buzz The Jerk [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
15. Rainin’ In My Heart [Saturday Club, 10/10/65]
16. LSD [Saturday Club, 5/66]
17. Interview: Brian Matthew [Saturday Club, 5/66]
18. Midnight To Six Man [Saturday Club, 5/66]
19. Buzz The Jerk [Saturday Club, 5/66]
20. Midnight To Six Man [A Whole Scene Going, 12/1/66]
21. Turn My Head [Top Gear, 3/12/67]
22. Walking Through My Dreams [Top Gear, 3/12/67]
23. Defecting Grey [Top Gear, 3/12/67 – unabridged]
24. Talking About The Good Times [Top Gear, 3/12/67]
25. SF Sorrow Is Born [Top Gear, 7/11/68]
26. She Says Good Morning [Top Gear, 7/11/68]
27. Balloon Burning [Top Gear, 7/11/68]
28. Old Man Going [Top Gear, 7/11/68]

CD 2
29. Spring [Top Gear, 25/5/69]
30. Send You With Loving [Top Gear, 25/5/69 – unabridged]
31. Loneliest Person [Top Gear, 25/5/69]
32. Alexander [Top Gear, 25/5/69]
33. Marilyn [Top Gear, 25/5/69]
34. Blue Serge Blues [John Peel Sunday Concert, 14/6/70]
35. She’s A Lover [John Peel Sunday Concert, 14/6/70]
36. In The Square [John Peel Sunday Concert, 14/6/70]
37. The Letter [John Peel Sunday Concert, 14/6/70]
38. Rain [John Peel Sunday Concert, 14/6/70]
39. Sickle Clowns [John Peel Sunday Concert, 14/6/70]
40. Old Man Going [John Peel Sunday Concert, 14/6/70]
41. She’s A Lover [Sounds of the 70s, 6/7/70]
42. Sickle Clowns [Sounds of the 70s, 6/7/70]
43. Trailer for Sounds of the 70s [Sounds of the 70s, 11/8/70]
44. Cries From The Midnight Circus [Sounds of the 70s, 11/9/70]
45. Sickle Clowns [Sounds of the 70s, 11/9/70]
46. Cries From The Midnight Circus [Sounds of the 70s, 11/9/70]

CD 3
47. Cold Stone [Top Gear, 15/5/71]
48. Stone-Hearted Mama [Top Gear, 15/5/71]
49. Summertime [Sounds of the 70s, 29/6/71]
50. Cries From The Midnight Circus [Sounds of the 70s, 29/6/71]
51. Slow Beginnings [Sounds of the 70s, 29/6/71]
52. Summertime [Radio Flashes, 14/8/71]
53. Slow Beginnings [Radio Flashes, 14/8/71]
54. Stone-Hearted Mama [Radio Flashes, 14/8/71]
55. Cold Stone [Radio Flashes, 14/8/71]
56. Circus Mind [Radio Flashes, 14/8/71]
57. Onion Soup [Top Gear, 25/7/72]
58. Love Is Good [Top Gear, 25/7/72]
59. Spider Woman [Top Gear, 15/8/72]
60. Rosalyn [Top Gear, 15/8/72]
61. All Night Sailor [Top Gear, 15/8/72]
62. Havana Bound [Sounds of the 70s, 30/10/72]
63. Religion’s Dead [Sounds of the 70s, 30/10/72]

CD 4
64. Road Runner [Sounds of the 70s, 30/10/72]
65. Peter / Rip Off Train [Sounds of the 70s, 30/10/72]
66. Sweet Orphan Lady [Radio 1 Session 1972]
67. Love Is Good [Radio 1 Session 1972]
68. Religion’s Dead [In Concert, 9/8/73] *
69. Havana Bound [In Concert, 9/8/73] *
70. Love Is Good [In Concert, 9/8/73] *
71. Onion Soup [In Concert, 9/8/73] *
72. Route 66 [In Concert, 9/8/73] *
73. Peter / Rip Off Train [Sounds of the 70s, 27/8/73] *
74. Atlanta [Sounds of the 70s, 27/8/73] *
75. Onion Soup / Another Bowl [Sounds of the 70s, 27/8/73] *
76. Route 66 [Sounds of the 70s, 27/8/73] *
77. Singapore Silk Torpedo [John Peel Show, 17/12/74]

CD 5
78. Religion’s Dead [In Concert, 9/8/73 – Alt Edit] *
79. Havana Bound [In Concert, 9/8/73 – Alt Edit] *
80. Love Is Good [In Concert, 9/8/73 – Alt Edit] *
81. Onion Soup [In Concert, 9/8/73 – Alt Edit] *
82. Route 66 [In Concert, 9/8/73 – Alt Edit] *
83. Old Man Going [In Concert, 12/74] *
84. Living Without You [In Concert, 12/74] *
85. Joey [In Concert, 12/74] *
86. Belfast Cowboys / Bruise In The Sky [In Concert, 12/74] *
87. It’s Been So Long [In Concert, 12/74] *
88. Bridge Of God [In Concert, 12/74] *
89. Come Home Momma [In Concert, 12/74] *
90. Singapore Silk Torpedo [In Concert, 12/74] *
91. Not Only But Also [John Peel, 24/7/75] *

CD 6
92. Big City [John Peel, 24/7/75]
93. Belfast Cowboys / Bruise In The Sky [John Peel, 24/7/75]
94. Dream / Joey [John Peel, 24/7/75]
95. Interview: Mark Lamarr [Mark Lamarr Show Radio 2, 28/3/09] *
96. Come See Me [Mark Lamarr Show Radio 2, 28/3/09] *
97. The Beat Goes On [Mark Lamarr Show Radio 2, 28/3/09] *
98. Rosalyn [Mark Lamarr Show Radio 2, 28/3/09] *
99. SF Sorrow Is Born [Mark Lamarr Show Radio 2, 28/3/09] *
100. LSD / Old Man Going [Mark Lamarr Show Radio 2, 28/3/09] *
101. Can’t Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover [Marc Riley, BBC 6
Music 17/7/18] *
102. Mr Evasion [Marc Riley, BBC 6 Music 17/7/18] *
103. Rosalyn [Marc Riley, BBC 6 Music 17/7/18] *
104. The Same Sun [Marc Riley, BBC 6 Music 17/7/18] *
105. She Says Good Morning [Marc Riley, BBC 6 Music 17/7/18] *

Bonus tracks

106. Defecting Grey [Top Gear, 3/12/67]
107. Send You With Loving [Top Gear, 25/5/69]
108. Cries From The Midnight Circus [Sounds of the 70s, 21/6/70]
109. In The Square [Sounds of the 70s, 6/7/70]
110. The Letter [Sounds of the 70s, 6/7/70]
111. Rain [Sounds of the 70s, 6/7/70]



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Sweet Thursday - Sweet Thursday (Re-post)

Sweet Thursday - Sweet Thursday - 1969

Sweet Thursday foi uma banda inglesa de rock que uniu os talentos do pianista Nicky Hopkins (stones, who, beck e mais um milhão de bons artistas), Alun Davies (futuramente Cat Stevens) e Jon Mark (mais tarde Mark-Almond). Além destes, gravaram este solitário álbum com a colaboração do baterista Harvey Burns (Al Stewart, Cat Stevens, Shawn Phillips) e do baixista Brian Odgers, que tocou com gente do quilate de John McLaughlin, Lou Reed, Shawn Phillips e dezenas de outros.

Reza a lenda que a gravadora foi à falência pouco tempo depois do lancamento do LP ( em 1969, embora no selo do disco conste 1968), quando tinha colocado um pequeno número de cópias no mercado. Isso acabou tornado-o raro e fazendo existir uma grande quantidade de bootlegs (muitos de origem não muito confiáveis) circulando principalmente nos EUA.

01. Dealer 
02. Jenny
03. Laughed at Him
04. Cobwebs
05. Rescue Me
06. Molly
07. Sweet Francesca
08. Side of the Road
09. Gilbert Street

Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Alun Davies - Guitars, Vocals
Jon Mark - Guitars, Vocals
Brian Odgers - Bass, Flute
Harvey Burns: Drums, Percussion