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Iron Butterfly – Unconscious Power: An Anthology 1967-1971 (7 cds)

Iron Butterfly – Unconscious Power: An Anthology 1967-1971 - 2020

Iron Butterfly first came together in San Diego, California in 1966 with a line-up of Doug Ingle (vocals, organ), Danny Weis (guitar), Greg Willis (bass), Jack Pinney (drums) and Darryl DeLoach (vocals). After performing in the San Diego area the band relocated to Los Angeles in search of a recording contract, with Willis soon departing to be replaced by Jerry Penrod on bass. Jack Pinney also departed and was eventually replaced by Ron Bushy.

The band’s psychedelic and acid rock style was honed during regular appearances at LA venues such as the Whisky a Go Go and the Galaxy Club, which saw Iron Butterfly develop a loyal following and led to the band signing with Atlantic’s Atco label in 1967. In October that year the band recorded their debut album, HEAVY, but the group would endure further line-up changes prior to its release as Jerry Penrod, Danny Weis and Darryl DeLoach departed soon after recording sessions were completed. Faced with the possibility of the album remaining unreleased, Ingle and Bushy recruited 17 year old guitarist Erik Brann and bassist Lee Dorman to the band.

HEAVY was released in January 1968, entering the US Billboard charts and eventually earning gold disc status. The album IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA, issued in June 1968, would break the band into star status. Dominated by the side long title track featuring the instrumental dexterity of the new line-up, it was a masterpiece of acid rock and reached a height of number 4 in the US charts and went on to sell a million copies. An edited version of the title track was issued as a single and reached the US top thirty.

The band’s third album, BALL, was released in January 1969 and was even more successful, reaching number 3 in the US and spawning the hit singles Soul Experience and In the Time of Our Lives. The band undertook a punishing touring schedule and a series on concerts were recorded in May 1969, finally to be issued as LIVE in April 1970. Erik Brann departed the band in December 1969 and was replaced by guitarist and vocalist Mike Pinera and additional guitarist Larry Reinhardt.

This line-up would record the album METAMORPHOSIS in May 1970 which saw the band take a heavier direction. The dominant track on the record was the excellent thirteen minute Butterfly Bleu which saw one of the earliest uses of a “talk box” on a guitar solo. Following a tour with YES in early 1971, Doug Ingle announced his departure from the band. After releasing a final single, Silly Sally in April 1971. Iron Butterfly disbanded. Although they would reform in the mid-1970s and continue to perform and record sporadically afterwards, their recorded work for Atco Records remains their main legacy.

UNCONSCIOUS POWER – AN ANTHOLOGY 1967 – 1971 features all of the albums issued on Atco, all newly re-mastered from the original master tapes, and additionally includes the rare mono mixes of the albums HEAVY and LIVE, (the only true separate mono mixes of their albums), both previously unreleased on CD, along with two CDs of recordings made at the Fillmore East in New York City on the 26th and 27th April 1968. It also includes all of the band’s US non-album singles and single edits and a lavishly illustrated booklet with a new essay featuring interviews with Ron Bushy and Mike Pinera and a poster.

CD 1
Heavy (Stereo Album Mix)
01. Possession
02. Unconscious Power
03. Get Out Of My Life Woman
04. Gentle As It May Seem
05. You Can't Win
06. So-Lo
07. Look For The Sun
08. Fields Of Sun
09. Stamped Ideas
10. Iron Butterfly Theme
Heavy (Mono Album Mix)
11. Possession (Mono)
12. Unconscious Power (Mono)
13. Get Out Of My Life Woman (Mono)
14. Gentle As It May Seem (Mono)
15. You Can't Win (Mono)
16. So-Lo (Mono)
17. Look For The Sun (Mono)
18. Fields Of Sun (Mono)
19. Stamped Ideas (Mono)
20. Iron Butterfly Theme (Mono)
21. Don't Look Down On Me (Single)
22. Possession (Single)

CD 2
23. Most Anything You Want
24. Flowers And Beads
25. My Mirage
26. Termination
27. Are You Happy
28. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
29. Iron Butterfly Theme (Single Version)
30. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Single Version)

CD 3
31. In The Time Of Our Lives
32. Soul Experience
33. Lonely Boy
34. Real Fright
35. In The Crowds
36. It Must Be Love
37. Her Favorite Style
38. Filled With Fear
39. Belda-Beast
40. In The Crowds (Mono Single Version)
41. I Can't Help But Deceive You, Little Girl (Single)
42. To Be Alone

CD 4
Live (Stereo Album Mix)
43. In The Time Of Our Lives (Live Version)
44. Filled With Fear
45. Soul Experience
46. You Can't Win
47. Are You Happy
48. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Live (Mono Album Mix)
49. In The Time Of Our Lives (Mono)
50. Filled With Fear (Mono)
51. Soul Experience (Mono)
52. You Can't Win (Mono)
53. Are You Happy (Mono)
54. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Mono)

CD 5
55. Free Flight
56. New Day
57. Shady Lady
58. Best Years Of Our Life
59. Slower Than Guns
60. Stone Believer
61. Soldier In Our Town
62. Easy Rider (Let the Wind Pay the Way)
63. Butterfly Bleu
64. Silly Sally (Single)

CD 6
Live At The Fillmore East: 26th April 1968 (First Show)
65. Fields Of Sun
66. You Can't Win
67. Unconscious Power
68. Are You Happy
69. So-Lo
70. Iron Butterfly Theme
Live At The Fillmore East: 26th April 1968 (Second Show - Incomplete)
71. Stamped Ideas
72. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
73. So-Lo
74. Iron Butterfly Theme

CD 7
Live At The Fillmore East: 27th April 1968 (First Show)
75. Are You Happy
76. Unconscious Power
77. My Mirage
78. So-Lo
79. Iron Butterfly Theme
Live At The Fillmore East: 27th April 1968 (Second Show)
80. Possession
81. My Mirage
82. Are You Happy
83. Her Favorite Style
84. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
85. So-Lo
86. Iron Butterfly Theme


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Colosseum - Transmission Live At The BBC (6 cds)

Colosseum - Transmission Live At The BBC - 2020

Pioneering Progressive Jazz rockers Colosseum are to have a new, fully authorised six-disc collection of their BBC Sessions from 1969-1971 released through Repertoire Records later this month.

“Transmissions Live At The BBC” features Colosseum sessions for BBC radio shows such as John Peel’s Top Gear, Sounds Of The 70s, Jazz Workshop and more and comprises some 60 tracks recorded between 1969 and 1971. It featurtes the earliest version of Colosseum with founder members Jon Hiseman, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dave Greenslade and Tony Reeves joined by guitarist/vocalist James Litherland. Later classic line-ups include Dave Clempson on guitar with Chris Farlowe (vocals) and Mark Clarke (bass) with guest appearances by Barbara Thompson (sax/flute) and the New Jazz Orchestra.

Much of the material has been rescued from the BBC and Colosseum archives, along with rare recordings by fans and enthusiasts. It has been painstaking collected, collated, restored and digitalised by the combined forces of historian and archivist Colin Harper and Jon’s daughter Ana Gracey.

CD 1
Top Gear, 19 January 1969
01. The Road She Walked Before
02. Backwater Blues
03. A Whiter Shade Of Powell
Symonds On Sunday, 16 March 1969
04. Walking In The Park
05. Interview With Jon Hiseman
06. Beware The Ides Of March
07. Plenty Hard Luck
Johnnie Walker, 24 May 1969
08. Elegy
09. Walking In The Park
10. Butty's Blues
11. I Can't Live Without You
Top Gear, 6 July 1969
12. Elegy
13. The Grass Is Greener
14. Hiseman's Condensed History Of Mankind
15. February's Valentyne
Symonds On Sunday, 20 July 1969
16. Elegy
17. The Road She Walked Before
18. Walking In The Park
19. Butty's Blues

CD 2
Radio 1 Jazz Workshop, 17 July 1969
20. Elegy (take 1)
21. I Can't Live Without You
22. Walking In The Park
23. Those About To Die (take 1)
24. Butty's Blues (take 1)
25. Mandarin
26. The Grass Is Greener
Top Gear, 22 November 1969
27. Interview with Dick Heckstall-Smith
28. Lost Angeles
29. Arthur's Moustache
Unknown Session late 1969 / early 1970
30. Jumping Off The Sun
31. Theme For An Imaginary Western
32. Take Me Back To Doomsday
33. Lost Angeles (partial)
34. Angle
35. The Machine Demands A Sacrifice

CD 3
John Peel's Sunday Concert, 8 March 1970
36. Lost Angeles
37. Downhill And Shadows
38. Theme For An Imaginary Western
39. The Machine Demands A Sacrifice
40. Walking In The Park
Sounds Of The 70s, 7 April 1970
41. Bring Out Your Dead
42. Time Lament
43. Daughter Of Time

CD 4
John Peel's Sunday Concert, 8 November 1970
44. Rope Ladder To The Moon
45. Downhill And Shadows
46. Tanglewood '63
47. Time Lament
48. Lost Angeles

CD 5 
Sounds Of The 70s, 21 July 1970
49. Butty's Blues
50. Shades Of Blue
51. Rope Ladder To The Moon
52. Tanglewood '63
Sounds Of The 70s, 19 February 1971
53. Take Me Back To Doomsday
54. Skellington
55. The Pirate's Dream
56. Tanglewood '63

CD 6
Sounds Of The 70s, 10 September 1971
57. Jumping Off The Sun
58. Sleepwalker
59. The Pirate's Dream
60. Upon Tomorrow
Bonus Tracks Symonds On Sunday, 16 March 1969
61. Walking In The Park (off-air)
Radio 1 Jazz Workshop, 17 July 1969: Extra Tracks
62. Those About To Die (take 2)
63. Butty's Blues (take 2)
64. Elegy (take 2)


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Colin Hare, Jim Kelly, Honeybus - For The Benefit of Mr. K

Colin Hare, Jim Kelly, Honeybus - For The Benefit of Mr. K - 2020

COLIN HARE Of The Honeybus & The Honeycombs Fame Has Just Released A New Album In Memory & Tribute To The Late Honeybus Member Jim Kelly Who Died Aged 49 In 1995. The Production Is Titled For The Benefit Of Mr K.. Colin Hare Is A Famed Artiste Since The Summer Of Love Era In The Late Swinging 60's & He's Performed A Thousand Plus Shows Through Our Agency Over The Decades. Colin's Colleague Jim Kelly From Dundee Is Rated One Of Scotland's Greatest-Ever Lead Guitarists Accompanied By His Competent Vocal. The Late Jim Also Worked With Legendary Lulu & Hung Out & Shared Artistic Creativity With Ronnie Wood & Scotland's Superstar Rod Stewart. Dundee Is Of Course Not Only Connected To Me In Showbiz But Also Football. I Have Coached With The Top Dundee United Football Club Coaches Including Jim Easton & Kenny Cameron. I Must In Addition Give A Mention To The World Famous & Yummy Dundee Cakes.

This CD is a celebration of Jim Kelly from Dundee, former guitarist with the long mourned Honeybus.Songs written in memory of Jim are”See those eyes” lyrics Pat Kelly, Jim’s nephew also “The way old friends do” by yours truly. 

A live version by Honeybus alongside Jim’s “Mary Mary” and “Reverend Richard Bailey” make this album a must for Honeybus collectors. 

01. See Those Eyes
02. Looking Down
03. Paradise
04. The Way
05. Reverend Richard Bailey
06. Take Me Away
07. Mary Mary
08. Stars on Sunday
09. Free Together
10. Black Mourning Band (Live)
11. Bloodshot Eyes
12. The Way Old Friends Do
13. Beyond the Veil


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Tandyn Almer - Along Comes Tandyn

Tandyn Almer - Along Comes Tandyn - 2013

Tandyn Douglas Almer (July 30, 1942 – January 8, 2013) was an American songwriter, musician, and record producer who wrote the 1966 song "Along Comes Mary" for the Association. He also wrote, co-wrote, and produced numerous other songs performed by artists such as the Beach Boys, the Purple Gang, the Garden Club, and Dennis Olivieri. In the early 1970s, he was a close friend and collaborator of Brian Wilson, co-writing the Beach Boys' singles "Marcella" (1972) and "Sail On, Sailor" (1973).

Almer died on January 18, 2013, aged 70, from a combination of illnesses, including atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Shortly after, Along Comes Tandyn, an album consisting of demos of his early songs recorded by professional studio musicians, was released in 2013 on Sundazed Records. In the liner notes, Parke Puterbaugh, a former senior editor of Rolling Stone, called Almer “one of the lost and hidden voices of the '60s," adding that Almer "left behind a body of work that's ripe for rediscovery

01. Find Yourself
02. You Turn Me Around
03. Anything You Want
04. About Where Love Is
05. Everytime I Take You Back To Me
06. There's Gotta Be A Way
07. Alice Designs
08. Face Down In The Mud
09. Where Will They Go
10. Escape
11. Victims Of Chance
12. Bring Your Own Self Down
13. I Get High
14. Menagerie Of Man
15. Sunset Strip Soliloquy