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John Lees - A Major Fancy (Deluxe Edition)

John Lees - A Major Fancy (Deluxe Edition) - 1977

Born Oldham, January 13th, 1947. John had no formal musical education, but took up guitar when he was fourteen. Educated at Robin Hill Secondary Modern and Breeze Hill Comprehensive, John went on to study at Oldham School Of Art, where he met Woolly Wolstenholme in 1964. They played together in the Sorcerers, playing Eddie Cochran-style rock and roll, and in The Blues Keepers, before forming Barclay James Harvest in 1967. He recorded  A Major Fancy, in 1972, but this was tied up when the band changed record label and was not released until 1977. John’s musical influences include Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh and The Eagles.
CD 1
01. Untitled No.1 - Heritage
02. Child Of The Universe
03. Kes (A Major Fancy)
04. Untitled No. 2
05. Sweet Faced Jane
06. Witburg Night
07. Long Ships
08. Untitled No.3

CD 2
01. Untitled No.8
02. Child Of The Universe (First Version)
03. Witburg Night
04. Untitled No.2 (First Version)
05. Untitled No.1 - Heritage (Alternative Mix)
06. Best Of My Love
07. You Can't Get It
08. Please Be With Me
09. Child Of The Universe (Single Edit)


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