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Don Stevenson – Buskin' In The Subway

Don Stevenson – Buskin' In The Subway - 2018

Undoubtedly, San Francisco-based MOBY GRAPE belongs to the greats of the West Coast psychedelic scene of the late 1960's and must be named in one go with Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service. With their radical mix of folk, country, psychedelic, blues and jazz they even went a giant step further than their competitors. The first three albums Moby Grape (1967), Wow / Grape Jam (1968) and Moby Grape '69 (1969) are all masterpieces and belong in every well-stocked record cabinet. The band's five founders, Jerry Miller (git), Bob Mosley (bass), Peter Lewis (git) and Don Stevenson (drums) are still sporadically gathering for joint activities, only Alexander Skip Spence, the band's enfant terrible , died in 1999. All band members wrote and sang their own songs, certainly another reason for the enormous diversity of MOBY GRAPE. Don Stevenson had already released a highly acclaimed solo album in 2011 with King Of The Fools. For his current album, he teamed up with Dane Clark, since 1996 drummer in the band of John Mellencamp, who is also responsible for the final mix of the album. An illustrious band of fellow musicians support Don on this album, including his two GRAPE friends Jerry Miller and Peter Lewis. Don left Dane Clark the seat behind the drums and played guitar on the songs. And of course his place was behind the microphone. It is fair to say that Buskin 'In The Subway has become a giant album. Everything that MOBY GRAPE has already identified, this sleepwalking sure fusion of different music styles, succeeds Don Stevenson and his colleagues here again. Folk, blues, rock, jazz - everything is back! It would also have been a wonderful new GRAPE album. A nice idea is also the new version of the title 8:05, which can be found originally on the debut album of MOBY GRAPE.

01. I'm Leaving You
02. Do You Ever Think About Me
03. Buskin In The Subway
04. Dog On A Bone
05. See You Everywhere I Go
06. Driven The Train
07. Regret
08. Almost Feels Good To Feel Bad
09. Walkin' In The Fire
10. It's Getting Late
11. The Letter
12. I Counted On You
13. Urban Angel
14. 805


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would this be possible? Nirvana - Songlife (Box, Comp, Ltd + LP, Album, RE, RM, Gat + LP, Albu)?

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