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Tommy Bolin and Friends - Great Gypsy Soul

Tommy Bolin and Friends - Great Gypsy Soul - 2012

Bolin was a revered '70s-era rock-jazz-funk guitarist, singer and songwriter who toured and recorded with both Deep Purple and the James Gang, made two remarkable solo albums and played on influential fusion sessions for Billy Cobham and Alphonse Mouzon. This, he accomplished by the time he was 25, when he died of a drug overdose.

Thirty-six years later, co-producers Haynes and Greg Hampton use some of Bolin's working tapes and outtakes as the foundation over which some of today's hottest ax men play.

The mixes can be a little rough, and the graft doesn't always bear fruit. But when it does, the results are explosive. Trucks especially tears it up on the fusion excursion "Smooth Fandango," and Haynes adds some nice Bolin-style sonic touches to "Teaser." The most delicious track is "Savannah Woman," on which jazz maestro John Scofield's elegant licks perfectly complement the number's breezy tropical vibe.

Bolin's original vocals remain on most of the tracks. But former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes howls convincingly on "Sugar Shack" and "Lotus."

01. The Grind (with Peter Frampton)
02. Teaser (with Warren Haynes)
03. Dreamer (with Myles Kennedy, Nels Cline)
04. Savannah Woman (with John Scofield)
05. Smooth Fandango (with Derek Trucks)
06. People, People (with Big Sugar & Gordie Johnson)
07. Wild Dogs (with Brad Whitfield)
08. Homeward Strut (with Steve Lukather)
09. Sugar Shack (with Glenn Hughes & Sonny Landreth)
10. Crazed Fandango (with Steve Morse)
11. Lotus (with Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes & Nels Cline)
12. Flying Fingers (Oz Noy & Nels Cline)
13. Marching Bag - Movement One (Nels Cline, Tommy Bolin, Greg Hampton, John Scofield, Sonny Landreth)
14. Marching Bag - Movement Two (Nels Cline, Tommy Bolin, Steve Lukather, Derek Trucks, Peter Frampton)
15. Marching Bag - Movement Three (Gordie Johnson, Tommy Bolin, Nels Cline, Oz Noy, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Joe Bonamassa)
16. Marching Bag - Movement Four (Nels Cline, Tommy Bolin, Warren Haynes, Joe Bonamassa, Oz Noy, Brad Whitford, Peter Frampton


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