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Vince Martell - Endless High (Repost)

Vince Martell - Endless High - 1995

from Wikipedia
Martell was born in the Bronx to parents who played the guitar and encouraged him to play as well. While in his teens, Martell joined the Navy, where he discovered his skills as a guitarist.

In 1963, Martell moved with his family to Florida and soon joined a band called Ricky T & The Satans Three that played in Miami blues clubs and shrimp bars in Key West. In 1966, he formed the band The Pidgeons with organist Mark Stein, bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Joe Brennan. After Brennan was replaced by Carmine Appice and a record deal forced the band to change its name, the band became Vanilla Fudge.

After the breakup of Vanilla Fudge in 1970, Martell continued to perform until Vanilla Fudge reunited for another album in 1984 called Mystery. In 2000, he released his first solo CD, Endless High, followed in 2001 by a self-titled CD, Vince Martell. In 2002, he recorded a third solo CD as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, whom Martell had befriended when Vanilla Fudge and Hendrix toured together.

In 2005, Vanilla Fudge reformed with all the original members including Martell, Mark Stein, Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice, for a tour with The Doors and Steppenwolf. In July, 2006, Vanilla Fudge recorded a tribute to Led Zeppelin, working title Out Through the In Door, scheduled for release in early 2007. Martell continues to tour with Vanilla Fudge, and his own band, the Vince Martell Band with Peg Pearl (keyboards/vocals), Pete Bremy (Bass/vocals), and Russ T. Blades (drums).


01. Cause I Love You
02. The Old Man In The Sky
03. Just a Little
04. All In Love Is Fair
05. Ladder of Life
06. Baby, I'm Blue
07. In The Court of The Crimson King
08. Yolanda
09. Thoughts

Vince Martell - Guitars, Vocals, Background Vocals
Chuck Alder - Bass
Tony Pinisi - Organ
Neil Capolongo - Drums
Peg Pearl - Background Vocals

Tim Bogert
Ian McDonald
Chuck Alder, John Vinci and Richie Cerniglia (of Illusion)
John Garner (of Sir Lord Baltimore)
Phil Weiss and Scott Treibitz (of Star People)

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Oldcapellon disse...

yeah ! on of my altime fave guitar player :-) thanks a lot!
btw. do you may have also the tribute to Jimi Hendrix album? on of theose hard to find thing.. :-/ this will be great!
best regards !

Only Good Song disse...

Psychedelic Symbols never even seen to sell

Oldcapellon disse...

damn! too bad.. :-(