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Bulldog - Smasher - 1974 (re-repost)

Bulldog - Smasher - 1974

When the Rascals broke up in 1972, guitarist Gene Cornish and drummer Dino Danelli wasted little time putting together another band.

For the unaware, the Rascals — who were initially called the Young Rascals — held sway as one of the greatest groups of the 1960s. Hailing from Long Island, New York, the band collected a cluster of shiny gold nuggets, including “Good Lovin’,” “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long,” “Groovin’,” “How Can I Be Sure,” “It’s a Beautiful Morning,” and “People Got to be Free,” that keenly mixed punchy rock arrangements with a smooth soul slant.

And so, shortly after the Rascals ceased to be, Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli joined forces with lead singer and bassist Billy Hocher and keyboardist John Turi, resulting in the birth of Bulldog. The band’s self-titled debut album, produced by Gene and Dino, suggested they were off to a very promising start. Dominated by a loose and lively party vibe, Bulldog (Decca Records) stomped and swaggered with the raunchiest of the lot.

Smasher, Bulldog’s second album, appeared in 1974 on the Buddah label, and although credible moments were to be had, sales were weak and the band was then laid to rest. Come 1978, Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli connected with ex-Raspberries guitarist Wally Bryson and formed Fotomaker, and they experienced a brief burst of fame with their brand of slick power pop.

Gene Cornish - Guitar
Dino Danelli - Drums
Billy Hocher - Vocals, Bass
Eric Thorngren - Guitar
John Turk -  Keyboards

01. Flamingo    
02. Are You Really Happy Together    
03. Honeymoon Couple    
04. Bad Bad Girl    
05. Brown Eyed Handsome Man    
06. We All Had a Real Good Time    
07. Ooh When You Smile    
08. Rock 'n Roll Hootchie Coo
09. I Tip My Hat    
10. I Tried to Sleep

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