sexta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2019

The Who - WHO (Bonus Tracks)

The Who - WHO  (Bonus Tracks) - 2019


01. All This Music Must Fade
02. Ball and Chain
03. I Don’t Wanna Get Wise
04. Detour
05. Beads On One String
06. Hero Ground Zero
07. Street Song
08. I'll Be Back
09. Break The News
10. Rockin' In Rage
11. She Rocked My Worl

12. This Gun Will Misfire
13. Got Nothing To Prove
14. Danny And My Ponies


5 comentários :

Carlos_BH disse...

Thanks for the post.
The Who is one of my favourites bands.

Only Good Song disse...

Esse disco está grande e poderia ter sido lançado nos anos 70 tranquilamente.

Oldcapellon disse...

Thanks a lot !

Anônimo disse...

link is dead - so sorry

Only Good Song disse...


I warned. Be fast
I won't repost because, otherwise, I take a shutdown and put 11 years in garbage
But exists much more links in cyberspace...