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Shadows Of Knight - Alive In '65!

Shadows Of Knight - Alive In '65! - 2018

While English bands were busy crafting their interpretation of American blues, the Shadows of Knight “re-added a Chicago touch” to the Brit sound. Dubbed “blues-punk,” the result was a high-energy mix of Chicago meets London in a back alley garage. Lead singer Jim Sohns could snarl like Howlin’ Wolf and move like Mick Jagger, a wicked combination guaranteed to generate pubescent pandemonium.

Step back while we loudly ’n proudly chronicle the mighty Shadows’ pre-Dunwich days with a newly discovered reel from 1965! It’s a live set recorded at the legendary Cellar teen club in Arlington      Heights IL, showcasing our boys’ obvious influences; Stones, Kinks, Link & more. Aggressive performances, unseen photos & detailed liner notes all aid in unraveling the early-edition history of the Shadows of Knight’s wild, R&B-injected ride!

Until now, little has been written about the Shadows of Knight’s Pre-Dunwich days. For sure, no recordings have surfaced from the period prior to “Gloria” taking hold on the hit parade. But back in Chicago’s north-west suburbs, one year earlier, they were already #1; at least with the clamoring teens that packed The Cellar club in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Norm Gotsch was a founding member of the Shadows of Knight; and along with Warren Rogers, one of the group’s original guitarists. He was responsible for recording the Shadows of Knight live set that makes up this raw ‘n’ alive archival release. Norm, along with Rogers, was also there from the band’s inception. Here he helps unravel the Shadows of Knight’s rarely-documented early history!

01. Not Fade Away
02. Money (That's What I Want)
03. You Really Got Me
04. Introducing The Band
05. Carol
06. Rawhide
07. Memphis
08. Break Time
09. It's All Right
10. Heart Of Stone
11. All Day And All Of The Night
12. I'm A King Bee
13. Louie Louie
14. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66


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